velodrome track race - kissena queens new york

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

two new race reports

Raced Saturday morning (6:30am start!) in prospect park. Somehow I got boxed in at the sprint for the line. I was on the inside and kept trying to go around a ML guy for what seemed like minutes... then we were at the line.
Today was the last FBF race of the year. It's looking better for next year's races, or so Charlie writes in his email.
I tried to race well, not giving anything to the other teams and always working with and countering my team-mates attacks. There was a split at the end, and although we caught the main group, 3-4 guys still managed to get away but just barely. Coming up to the finish line, I noticed I was towing 3 guys behind me. I pulled off a little... but unfortunately none of them had any steam. So we lost momentum and I finished with the pack. It might have been better to keep pulling even if I was burning steam - I think I just need more confidence (or a bigger engine).

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