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Sunday, August 26, 2007

More race reports

Connecticut Coast Criterium - 8/26 - 4th place
35 minutes plus 5 laps. A very plain course with a short hill and one turn. The uphill sprint helps keep it clean (53x19 or 17). There were 7 preems none for me. But 4th place at the finish line resulted in my first cash prize. Next Friday is the start of gmsr!

Kissena Velodrome Racing - 8/22
- 3 points.
Using a 48x15 gear ratio instead of 48x14, it was much easier to accelerate and this produced good results. Qualified for the A feature. I think it is worth trying 49x15.

Prospect Park Master's Race - 8/18
- finished with the breakaway in a category 1-4 field!
34 miles. This race started fast from the first lap. It was a little on the chilly side (about 65 degrees) and windy. In the first 3 laps there were a few random breaks off the front but poorly organized. On the fourth lap the peloton caught up to a small group and a strong counterattack was organized by Global Locate. Charlie was in the group that had just gotten caught, and I'm not sure but Eloy might have been too. In a flash I looked up the road and I could see nothing but GL and Deno's lycra getting away. One of us had to get up to the front and I didn't see Mark T up front making a move.

I chased and caught up with the group. We started making good time. More riders joined us and we grew to about 15 strong. I took several turns pulling. I didn't want anyone to think I was the sandbagger. The preem lap came right after our breakaway and two GL guys worked together to win back their entry fee. It was all I could do to be third man across the line. Another rider thanked me for it; meaning that I'd kept the group together instead of letting the GL guys get away. I was cautious with my pulls, trying to keep them short. There was some complaining about pulling through but it was not directed at me. It's remarkable that the guys tittering off the back have enough breath to complain as much as they do. At one point the wind was blowing hard across the road and three of us rode in echelon. That was fun especially when it seemed like other guys were having a hard time keeping a paceline together.

With three laps to go I wanted to quit and I didn't think I could handle the effort. I looked around and realized I might not feel as bad as the other guys (relatively). So I kept going.

With two to go I knew I'd finish - but was still dreading being dropped.

Just one lap to go, not so bad.

Final lap. A global locate guy jumps the gun and roars down the hill with about a mile to go. He put a good distance between us. Later as we're nearing the finish I'm remember that in hard races I have a good windup but no jump. I should try to wind up for the sprint instead of jumping for it. As we're nearing the finish line guys behind me jump for it. I think I'll grab a wheel somewhere... there's still room. A guy cuts very close in front and his pedal touches my front spokes with a ping... this guy had space on the other side so it was not a nice move. My desire to stay upright overcomes my desire to jump for a wheel. 5,6,8 guys pass me. Maybe more. They all get away. I pass a few guys who provided leadouts. Finally I hobble across the line on my own, somewhere around 12th place.

We stayed away for a total of 6 laps, and rode fine but I didn't race well enough to place.

When the results were announced I realized some of the winners did not participate actively in our pace lines. (ie., 6th-10th place) There's one guy I didn't even see riding with us. Poo poo on them for hiding! I guess sandbagging is a small offense when there's a large split compared to when it's a five man breakaway.

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