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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


6/29/07 - Did the river road hillclimb on Sunday, from the boat basin to the sheriff station. I timed myself even though I was carrying a lot of stuff. My time was 6m, 15s to the brown road sign, and about 6m 45s to the entrance of the parking lot.

6/30/07 - Four hill repeats in central park for lunch. Then out to prospect park on Monday night for summerslam07. It was fun and much more interesting than a typical road or track event. I wasn't planning on riding hard or fast, but then the urge to compete took over and I finished 5th in the first heat, 6th in the final. The blue schwinn rides great! (might need a slightly longer stem).

7/1/07 - Racing in floyd bennet field. Apparently we were in the 'break of the day' but then we got caught in the last lap. I don't remember who was in it... andrew riss, an iron riders guy on a yellow kestrel, and a tall guy on purple lemond. There was very little wind and we didn't work together long enough. A few started attacking each other too soon, imo. Finished somewhere 14 or 15th.

Next time I need to be more aware of who is in the break, and if the break fails I should try to position myself for the sprint and contest it. Need to keep an sharp eye out for the strongest finishers. Looking at the photos of the 123 sprint, the winner was the first with a strong jumpe from the outside, but he cut across the field, and took sprint on the inside. This is a smart move - since any rider who tried to pass on the outside would effectively shelter him from the wind. Also starting on the outside and cutting in might bring some of the slower riders across the field too, blocking the other sprinters who were already on the inside.

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