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Monday, June 30, 2008

Unionvale 35+

This is a fun race, with a bit of turning, a bunch of hills, good organization, and best of all, close to NYC. The finishing climb averages 7.3%. It's 682 feet of elevation over 1.78 miles from the roundabout to the finish line. It starts out steep, but I was able to pick up some speed on the second half.

Elevation and route link for the last climb.
Map for the course not including the finishing hill.
[Click elevation profile to view the hills.]

Finished with the leaders at the base of the climb, then rode up at my own pace and lost a minute to the eventual winner.

It might have been smart to push the pace on the way to the climb or even try to break away, since nobody was chasing and everyone was just about equally well rested at the bottom of the hill. Or simply push harder at the base of the climb where the decisive split occurred.

15th place, 56 starters.

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