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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Category 4 park race report

Today's cat4 park race was a crash-fest, no surprise. We had a big showing and I took smash-mouth Yack's wheel for the last 1/4 lap as he bussed it up to the front. I wasn't entirely confident how long he'd last since I'd heard him say he had nothing left going up the hill on the final lap.

BVF was well organized and their sprinter Alessandro took 1st, again.

Riding relaxed makes a huge difference. Two times I was so close to a crash that I'd say I was in it -- but I didn't hit the ground.

The first was at the bell for the final lap, I actually unclipped and put a foot down as I had to navigate the mess of bikes and limbs. The second time narrowly escaping disaster was less than one minute away from the finish. My sprint consisted of bridging back to the tail end of the leaders group then dredging across the finish line on a BVF wheel.

Finished 13th. Meh. Not crashing, awesome!

Power Numbers
Peak 5s: 13 w/kg
Peak 30: 7.8 w/kg
Entire race: 2.65/kg

Average speed: 25.4

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rjm86 said...

Good Work JP, I was also there this morning lining up with the CAT 5's after a 20 year break from competitive cycling. Don't ask...I am still riding the same 1986 Team Miyata with Shimano Dura Ace Components (This was when "click" shift first came out). This was a sweet ride when Ronald Reagan was still President...alas I realized today how outdated my machine is and will have to start saving my sheckles and wait for next years tax refunds for a new bicycle.

Anyway I enjoy reading your posts on the KISSENA website and have a question for you. Does Kissena welcome "outside" riders on their group rides? I live in Flushing, Queens about 10 minutes from the KISSENA store but I am a member of GS Park Ridge/Team Cyclesport (I am a long time friend on the owner of CYCLESPORT), since they are in NJ I almost never go on their rides (gas, tolls) but would love to ride with a group a handful of times a month. If you could let me know what KISSENA"S policy on group rides/outside riders is it would be much appreciated. Good Luck the rest of this season, hope you make it to CAT 3 by September 2008.

Bobby Mann