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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Floyd Bennett Field - flat course and flat tires

Flatted with 3 to go. Extracted a 1.5 inch long nail from my tire.

The wind was blowing capriciously. It seemed to hit hard on the back stretch where we almost always have a tailwind. Riders were tempting fate, riding close to the bushes, and often ducking to avoid shrubbery in hopes of getting a better draft. It was a perfect opportunity to ride in echelon, but as category 3 and 4 dudes (not european pros), this is unlikely.

Was in a promising break with schmalz, prinsloo, shusaku, and a couple of others. When one of Deno's sprinters bridged up I'm certain he didn't want the break to happen. Meaning this: his pulls were not 'Manly'.

Shusaku and i were pulling hard, some of the others in the break seemed willing to work as long as we were willing too keep at it. I have no clear picture of what happened after I flatted but found out the break got caught 1/2 lap later.

Again from what I heard, Prinsloo who rides for recovered for a bit and then solo'd for 1.5 laps to win it. Nice.

Flats suck. Headwinds are awesome.

Peak power numbers:
5s: 12.6 w/kg
30s: 7.8
5m: 4.1


casual entropy said...

man. you've had some shitty flat luck! that break sounds like fun though.

40x14 said...


Anonymous said...

Why exactly would anyone not in a break ride in an echelon??? So that everyone behind you conserves energy? There were echelons but they were only as wide as teammates needed. Into the bushes for the rest of them.

40x14 said...

Really? What team do you ride for?

The point of riding in echelon would be to keep the pace fast and drop those who can't keep up. There is still rotation within an echelon.

I don't recall riding echelon - even during our little breakaway. Maybe that's why it didn't survive.

But my memory is fuzzy, especially from when my eyeballs were popping out of my head from the effort.