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Friday, June 01, 2007

Two third place races at the velodrome!

I skipped Floyd Bennet field on Tuesday night because of work and having spent all weekend building an ikea kitchen extension.

On Wednesday I raced at Kissena and finished 3rd in the Men's B for both races.

Point a Lap description: Points for first place every lap, then extra points for the top 2 finishers in the final lap. 8 laps total.

I tried to take points in the 3rd lap but may have missed by 1/2 a wheel. In the final lap I was behind someone from DC Racing when his team-mate took off. Then I thought I heard him shout, "Go! Go! Go! I've got you I'm blocking!" Since I was behind him this had the opposite effect he wished for, serving as my motivation and cue to go around the guy who thought he was blocking.

9 lap Scratch race description: rolling start scratch race.

For the next race, the DC guys seemed to use the same tactic as before albeit less obviously. It may have worked for them as I got third and may have been able to take second with a little teamwork. Alas no team mates in my category.

"A" feature description: 15 laps scratch race.

I was invited to race in the men's A feature race for the first time. It was fun. There seems to be a bit more strategy and risk here than in the B races. I remember being envious of the B racers who got to ride in the A feature last year, now I am in that position. Neat!

Somehow two third place finishes in two races put me in 4th place for the night, because a single first place finish is worth more than double the points as 3rd place.

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