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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweating it out at floyd bennett field

Eric M. and I were the only Kissenas at Floyd in the 3/4 today. I'm presuming Eric had a technical issue, I didn't see him after.

It was a frustrating race. The now familiar tactic of not bridging to a team mates break seemed to come in spades - three teams had a guy in the 4 man break. I think at least one of each BVF, Deno's WW, and Merril Lynch.

Funny thing. Without Charlie I. yelling at me to know that the break is happening, I didn't even realize there was a break until someone shouted from the sideline about a two minute gap. Quite a few riders were surprised by this information. I thought I was keeping an eye on a specific rider's wheel but it turns out that the rider I thought I was looking at has a body double who rides the same brand of bike for the same team.

Each time someone would attack they'd blow up after 30 seconds. One team (slope sports) seemed particularly good at sprinting to the front... then bringing the pace down to a crawl.

All in all a very sweaty and humid race with lots of hard efforts that went nowhere. My bottle cage snapped mid race then almost fell into my rear wheel. I picked it out carefully while still on the bike then threw it into the end-zone.

Finished somewhere around 13-15th.

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