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Thursday, May 11, 2006

We ride bikes because we're dorks

Last night I rode with 7 guys from a USCF club that I joined. It was your typical roadie stuff... shaved legs, expensive gear, fancy hand signals to indicate that there's a tiny shard of glass in the road, etc. Aside from that, a nice group of guys. We talked about metabolic heart rate, protein, watts, etc.

Today I went to the bike shop around the corner for help removing a freewheel. There were a some messenger guys there. In contrast to typical roadie stuff was the typical messenger stuff. A crusty guy with dreads holding a paper cup and having beer breath handed me an invitation to a goldsprint on Friday, and a nice postcard for the rumble through the bronx ride. We talked about how fucked up they were and the girls on the postcard. Here's a scan of the postcard.

In conclusion, everyone who rides a bike is a dork. Self included.

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