velodrome track race - kissena queens new york

Friday, July 21, 2006


Raced on 7/15/06 at PP. Took a flyer on lap 4 of a 5 lap race... thinking we were at the last lap I sprinted for the finish and then looked back to the pack 300 yards behind me, gearing up for the upcoming climb. Having spent all my energy on a sprint I couldn't climb very well, so most of lap 5 was catching up with and working my way back up the pack. Finished somewhere in the middle. Need to listen for the bell next time!

Got a new chain by Sram. The KMC was squeaky and stretched, the new chain shifts like a dream and no more squeaky!

Tried to race at the track on Wed., but slow subways (all local) guaranteed late arrival. Might try to race fixed on Monday night(s) at PP instead?

Racing tomorrow in PP for the Al Toefield memorial race.

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