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Monday, August 17, 2009

Velodrome results

It doesn't happen often - but sometimes I win. Since this is an open personal diary (more so than anything else), I'm writing this post to remember what I did in the days prior to a win.

Sunday: governor's island bike race
Monday: very easy 17 mile spin
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: podium

Wearing glasses full time also helps me see things up the road, even when there's nothing there.

This is me off the front at the Governor's Island criterium on 8/09/09. Unfortunately my position at the finish was not great, I got 11th. Note to self: look for a landmark to initiate the sprint before the bell lap.

Photo credit: anthony skorochod

And here is my favorite photo, credit goes to my team mate Wai2Fast for taking this lovely panoramic at the Kissena Governor's Island Criterium.

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No One Line said...

yeah, you kicked ass last week. didn't hurt that paul and giancarlo were splitting things up for each other. :) you'll be back next week, right?