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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Training shortcut does not equal Good Result!

Lacking sufficient time for a long ride this weekend I decided to do repeats up the Williamsburg bridge on Sunday night. I warmed up a bit then used 50x17 gearing to get to the first apex where the path splits, sprinting most of the way. I think it's about 600 meters. Monday I did not ride at all, would have been good to go for a light spin.

Raced FBF tonight and felt a little jagged, like I was pedaling in squares. I missed the split and did not contest the intermediate sprints, so my racing sucked.

Maybe this type of training will help recruit some more fast twitch muscles for short sprint events like the flying 200m. NY State Championships start July 24.


speedkills said...

I've found that I don't ride well after a rest day. Most likely biggest cause is residual lactate not being squeezed out of legs by muscle contractions. A light spin on bike or trainer on rest day would refresh your legs. I'm not racing yet but wondered what day and time is good to stop by Kissena to check out sprints?

40x14 said...

Check out for complete schedules, we have events on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:20 until around 7:30pm. The State Championships will run on the weekend of August 28th. Come out, it's fun!