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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two days in a row

I volunteered to help with race organization at Floyd Bennet Field. I got the 1/2/3 field. It was my first time doing this, I found it to be interesting and worthwhile, and a little nerve racking at the end.

Two days of racing/training...

Tuesday, road bikes at Floyd:
The FBF 3/4 race felt easy, but in the end I popped my sprint too soon for a finish in the top 15 not top 10. Need to approach it more like the track. It goes a little like this, Follow follow follow... hold it, 200 yards to go, that's half a lap, wait, wait, keep spinning, hold that wheel, not yet, set up, come around, cross eyes, 100 yards to go, don't blink or black out, just another 1/4 lap, still holding on, come out of the turn, 75 to go, wind it, 50 to go NOW! Except there may be some gear shifting involved.

Heart rate hit and briefly sustained 190, previous max seemd to be 185. I want to think it's due to the hard effort I put in on Saturday.

Wednesday, Kissena Velodrome:
My legs felt so dead on the way out that I stopped and almost turned around. I pulled out my phone and then realized that I had no obligations and nobody cared if I wasn't racing. I also knew I wouldn't be getting any competitive training for the rest of the week and I was already 1/2 way there. So after getting clobbered in the first race of the night (there are 4) I geared down from 49x15 to 47x15 and everything got a little better. Somehow this enabled me to qualify for the "A" series. It is fun/different racing with new team mates.


casual entropy said...

glad you made it out - it's nice to see you out there... -mattio

40x14 said...

Yup, good vibes all around. :)