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Monday, April 28, 2008

Observing the race

This was my Yahoo horoscope today.
Let someone else be the superstar. Step back and allow other people to be the movers and shakers. Learn how to enjoy being in the background -- it's just as interesting and just as educational as being front and center. Give it a try. Do not confuse praise with respect. You can earn a lot more of the latter if you know when to pull back and slow down.

I'd forgotten about an important aspect of racing. I sat back and observed a few races last year (while I was in the race) and discovered that it's a good way to learn what's going on. It forced me to race calmly instead of being nervous about every move and chasing down too many attacks; that's my usual way of not winning races. I also noticed that the winners were not attacking throughout the race. Winners conserve energy as much as possible and burn it when it matters.

I'm not advocating being a wheel sucker. In order to make the most of it -- it's important to be confident and strong enough to move around in the field and see it from different perspectives. It takes just as much work to move up and down a field as it does to race hard. But the goal for the race is different.

On another note, we got 1st place in Team Sprints at the velodrome on Saturday. It was a near perfect start, and we beat a strong second place team by 2.2 seconds.

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