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Monday, March 17, 2008

First Race of 2008 - Grant's Tomb

This seemed like it would be the perfect race for me - a late start time at 2:20pm in the afternoon, a couple of technical corners, and a nice high speed high-G sweeping downhill turn.


I was probably overconfident coming into this race and didn't achieve a great result - 19th of 89 racers. But it was the first race of the year and a successful experiment.


I was able to steal a couple of places by using with the outside line. In retrospect I was too far away from the front for the whole race.

The experiment was to sit in the race near the front, conserve energy, and wait patiently for the sprint. Because I was not close enough to the front I couldn't establish a clear line for myself coming into the finish; getting boxed in and shutdown just at the moment when full power was unleashed. Next time I'll need to be closer to the front with the racer leaders and also make sure there is a clear line in a no-holds barred sprint.


It was an intense and short race just 30 minutes long with some sketchy bumping and getting cutting off especially on the last laps - but but both wheels stayed on the ground. The cobwebs have been expelled from my lungs.

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