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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Prospect Park Race 9/8/07

Today's race felt wicked fast. Average speed was 26.36. Maybe it's because the Bear Mountain race got canceled. Everyone seemed to be gunning from the start.

Initiated a move that lasted for about 1/2 lap but didn't stick, and later on chased down a move that didn't stick. Unable to find a good position for the sprint.

Here are numbers from the powertap.
Weight: 62kg, Distance: 29.77
Peak Power:
Burst: 1,105 watts
5 sec: 963 watts
30 sec: 484 watts
1 min: 376 watts
10 min: 235 watts
Max HR: 186, avg HR: 157

Ready to build up the megamo mtn bike that's sitting in the basement right now.

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