velodrome track race - kissena queens new york

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Poor positioning. I was in the wind for most of the 340 meter long(!) sprint to the line at Floyd Bennett Field last night.

It may have been wiser be more patient. When a sprint containing the leaders erupted on the left I knew I had to go with it, even though I was on the far right. Unfortunately I sprinted in a straight line instead of attempting to bridge over to the left. Probably safer this way.

It's a little hazy now but I paused 10 seconds into my sprint.... long enough to get gassed by a couple of guys who finished 5th and 6th.

Good power numbers, shitty finish.

Maybe the smart thing to do would have been to jump first - but not too hard. Just hard enough to get the right position and then duke it out with whoever wanted to stay at the front.

7th place / 95 starters

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