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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keeping track

This is just to remember what I've been doing for the week.

Monday: Master's track, 3rd on the omnium. Short sprints felt good, longer efforts did not. Mike W. really helped me a lot with the win and out.

Tuesday: Floyd bennett field, abandoned on lap 9/10 after going out on a flyer. Looking at the data from this lap, HR averaged 185 for 4 1/2 minutes. It's no wonder I couldn't take it any more. There was a two man break up the road for most of the race... and that's just the type of breakaway that gets me raving mad and chasing like a maniac. On the last lap I decided we weren't going to catch them and wouldn't have anything left for the sprint. Why suffer? Highlight was the ride home, 17.8 watts/kg for 5s racing a motorbike down flatbush ave.

Saturday: Brooklyn Grand Prix masters. Eloy told me he'd go off the front early, Joe looked good at the end, and I attacked once - but with an average speed of 26.5mph for 34 miles, nobody was getting away. I thought I might have a shot in the sprint but was about 15 feet too far back and boxed in with no room to jump or finish in the top 10. Finished 15th.

Saturday's lesson: There is no such thing as a sprint for 10th place.

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