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Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday morning prospect park race

The "Brooklyn Grand Prix" race on Bastille Day was a logistical mess.

On my first seemingly successful breakaway (and certainly not my first nor last unsuccessful breakaway) we caught up to the pace car, started to pass the pace car, realized our error and slowed down to let the pace car get ahead of us, and then got caught by the field while riding slowly behind the pace car hoping (and yelling to the driver) to speed up.

One of my teammates took 3rd place but was dq'd. Apparently everyone in the field (except for 9 riders) were dq'd. Not worth the entry fee.

Rode easy Sunday for 30 minutes. Rode a little harder on Monday for 2 hours and felt pretty good (fast). I decided I'm getting a powertap in about two weeks.

Made a couple of minor saddle adjustments. Slide back 4mm, nose up a bit. (since my hands went completely numb during the grand prix race.)

Finished around 12th-14th.

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