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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekly midweek race report

I raced all weekend (two days) at Kissena velodrome's "opening weekend". Placed 4th overall in my category. Niki took third, I was happy to see him get a medal especially since his parents were there to support him on Sunday! Overall it was a fun time: the chariot race and the match sprint were my favorite events. Simple, short, and incredibly focused.

Andrew L. took photos on Sunday and posted them on his web site. I am the one wearing the blue/white helmet and Kissena jersey.

On Tuesday I raced again at Floyd Bennett Field. It was a combined 3/4 race. Mike Berk kept the pace high from the beginning by pulling the entire first lap. Sometime around the second or third lap, Mike and two others managed a breakaway. They were brought back, then got away again. The pace was very fast, hitting between 32/33mph on the flat. I did a lot of pulling to bring them back the first time, then after they got away the second time I got a leg cramp. It was in the 7th lap and I had to retire. This might be a fit issue or a sodium issue, since it did not feel like maximum exertion.

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