velodrome track race - kissena queens new york

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stronger legs and caution advised

I'm getting stronger or the others are getting weaker. Races seem easier.

Bad news #1.
I raced at the velodrome on 8/9, and would have gotten points in the snowball... but... I was DQ'd!

Reason was for passing in the sprinters lane on the inside on the next-to-last lap. I didn't argue. I had the sprinter's lane from turn 4 (when no one was in it...) I accelerated hard out of the turn, and as two riders started coming down into sprinter's lane I had to squeeze down below the line as I was passing them. The only way to avoid the uncomfortable squeeze would have been to lock up my rear wheel. What made this whole thing silly was I ended up riding onto the grass just before turn 1 rather than risk taking everyone out. I got back on track after everyone passed me and finished a wheel behind the 4th place finisher. Oh well.

Bad news #2. on Saturday morning in prospect park someone on a green Mendocino crashed in front of me and we both went down hard. It sucked. We were going about 30-35mph, at the bottom of the hill near the lake. I have a quite bit of road rash and I'm going to see the doctor today because I almost fainted after jabbing my abdomen into a doorknob by accident. The good news is that it seems like the (new) bike was not badly damaged, only the saddle ripped, brake lever scuffed, quick-release scuffed, and wheels need truing. What a great first ride on the new bike!

Gory Pics
Shoulder and arm - the red spot that looks like a nipple is actually road rash on my back.


Torso and leg