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Friday, February 10, 2006

Winter bike race for fixies only

The last time I was at the bike shop - I learned of a bike race being held on thursday nights in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

The thermometer read 33° when I left the apartment. I rode out to Brooklyn and was totally plussed to see about 30 other fixed gear riders waiting around for the start at 10pm.

We did a warm up lap, then someone shouted "GO" and it was a two lap race around the park. These guys were really fast! I got dropped on a hill. Seeing other riders behind me kept me going.

It was a blast to cruise through the park with 30 other guys in the dark, blinkie lights flashing, sometimes at 30+ mph. I met a couple of nice guys who live in brooklyn and we rode back together to the williamsburg bridge.

I put in 23.1 miles that night, and I had to ask Molly to smoke outside because my lungs hurt when I got home. Today I feel great.

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