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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Last night was the 10th annual Poets House bridge walk. At the end of the night, Bill Murray read "A True Account of Talking with the Sun at Fire Island" by Frank O'Hara. This is officially now one of my favorite poems. In it The Sun is speaking directly to Frank O'Hara. I especially like this part,
...You may
not be the greatest thing on earth, but
you’re different. Now, I’ve heard some
say you’re crazy, they being excessively
calm themselves to my mind, and other
crazy poets think that you’re a boring
reactionary. Not me.
Just keep on
like I do and pay no attention. You’ll
find that people always will complain
about the atmosphere, either too hot
or cold too bright or too dark, days
too short or too long.
If you don’t appear
at all one day they think you’re lazy
or dead. Just keep right on, I like it.

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