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Saturday, April 02, 2005

I like to watch movies in spanish. No I don't mean spanish channel american movies dubbed in spanish, I'm talking about the ones where people's mouths actually match what they're saying. Last night I watched "En La Ciudad Sin Limites," a beautiful spanish movie set in Paris about a family and their dying father.

I admit that Sometimes I watch a show called 'the roof' on Mun2. It was there that I discovered the names of reggaeton and bachata artists that I actually like.

Until I moved to new york, I used to like this kind of music. But then living at 162 stanton street changed this. My then next door neighbors kids would blast this music all weekend at levels that made the walls shake (I imagine they had a 24" subwoofer or something insane). It usually started at 3pm on Fridays and ended at around 9pm on Sunday. So I got tired of it.

Recently I've searched i-tunes and I like these artists: Aguakate, Rubirosa. And I'm not sure but I might like these too: Nandee, Po fat, Dose, dj kazzanova.

If your spanish is really good, listen to aguakate's lyrics. They're unbelievable! I can't believe this doesn't have an 'explict' tag on it, becuase 99% of the stuff they sing and shout about is either directly sexual or some sort of innuendo. It's awesome!

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